the book and the lion

It’s pouring outside and the sky is completely grey. How so very cozy…or miserable depending on whether you’re chillaxing at home or out and about on your feet.

My book order from Amazon has finally arrived – Wedding Photography Unveiled. I have no idea what’s in it or what it’s about (besides the obvious), all I know is that my fav photographer, Jose Villa, is a collaborator. Sold!
Jose actually ran a competition a few weeks ago and he was giving away 5 copies of the book to the winners. My lame entry unfortunately didn’t compel him to send one my way but nevermind, I got it now =)
Recently I’ve started helping Kylie Roberts out with her pre school photography. It’s a creative type of school photography, not one of those sit in front of a backdrop and we’ll click a button on the tripod type thing. It was really fun working with the little kiddies! I was totally surprised at how much I enjoyed it. 
I actually met Kylie about a year ago now and have been doing graphic design work for her since. It was really cool to see the poster I designed pinned to the board when I arrived at the pre school last week =)
I need to work on my ability to entertain kids. Reverse psychology doesn’t work on all of them =p In the meantime, I am going to get Timmy the Lion to help me out.
Got him from a zoo called Ikea last weekend. I plan on strapping him to the top of my lens so whenever the kids start to lose interest, I will ask them to find the lion =)
Ok time to go rebuild my laptop. It started acting up yesterday and is refusing to play nice.


Both my sister and I grew up taking piano lessons. We did it for about 6-7 years I think, then we quit and now we can’t really play anymore. Well I guess I could if I really try but usually I never get past the first 2 pages of any sheet music. I tried taking guitar lessons and still can’t play either. I don’t get it, the whole world plays the guitar and most people are self taught and yet for the life of me, I just can’t do it.

My brother, on the other hand, only did a bit of percussion in high-school music classes but he turned out to be the most musical in the family. As well as drums, he can play some guitar and piano and he also composes songs. It must’ve been the Mozart that my dad put on the stereo and placed next to my bro’s crib when he was a baby. Ironically, my bro is in a little rock band and not an orchestra of some kind.

Anyway, he asked me to do some fun shots for the band. It was really last minute with no planning, no location scouting and not a lot of time. So we just did whatever we could around where we live (well where I used to live).

This one was right in front of our house. The truck happened to be there and I kinda liked the caution sign on the back of it.

The band is called Talkbox and the members are (as per photo above) Sam, Belinda, Don and Alex.
A lot of cars beeped at us while we were doing this. People must’ve thought we were stealing musical instruments and running away with them in a trolley!
I was shooting on the other side of the road and had to keep waiting for traffic to clear. I like this one though, it was a happy accident =)
Alex’s cool yellow car. I would’ve preferred to shoot this from the other side (due to the sun) but couldn’t as I didn’t want houses in the background and we weren’t game enough to drive the car onto the football field =p
We all agreed this shot, perhaps because of Sam’s hair, reminded us of those old shows like Degrassi or the Wonder Years so I processed it this way .
I don’t even remember those shows, it was sooooo long ago!