karolina + david: engagement

Some photos from an afternoon stroll in the Botanic Gardens with Karolina and David. I missed out on all the red/orange autumn goodness this year so was pretty happy to find that yellow tree in some of the shots below. BTW Did you know that I actually grew up hating the colour yellow? I thought it was the worst colour ever! I don’t know why or how but in the past few years, certain shades of yellow have certainly grown on me =)

eve & alex

The bride wore red, parents threw rose petals as they led the procession, the bride & groom walked down the aisle together and beach volleyball was enjoyed by all before reception commenced. “Regular” is definitely not a word I’d use to describe this wedding =)

This lovely bouquet was made by Eve’s sister who isn’t a florist. I reckon she should be! Love the use of chillies and those cute berries.

This was my favourite part of the day, just hanging back and watching people play games on the beach =)

There’s something odd about this shot that I really like….maybe it’s the space.

I love how everyone is just standing so randomly in this shot!