karen + daniel

It was a Wednesday wedding. That would always be the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Karen and Daniel’s wedding (well it is rather uncommon!). The second thing would be the groom taking a schnitzel break during location shoot hehe. A big round of applause needs to be given to Karen who planned the day out so so well, seriously, it was the most organised and well spaced out day ever. If any of you out there need a wedding planner, please call Karen on 04…just kidding! Ok, lame jokes aside, it was a beautiful day filled with love, smiles and sunshin =)

Karen and Daniel tied the knot at Bradfield Park in Milsons Point followed by a location shoot (and a schnitzel) in the Rocks. They ended their wonderful day with a reception at the gorgeous QVB Tearoom.

BTW Wednesday wedding is awesome, I had the Rocks all to myself…no queues!

And without further ado…


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holly + mark: engagement

Holly might just be the smiliest girl I have ever met. I swear my cheeks started hurting after processing this set of photos hehe =) Her lovable man, Mark, was of course responsible for a lot of the plentiful smiles and laughter on this shoot. His quirkiness is just like tickly fingers to her. Holly keeps telling me she didn’t want to sit in grass and get dirty but we stumbled upon some wild flowers that I simply could not resist. Thankfully we could convince Holly to go into the grass…ok well it was more like Mark carried her into the grass haha. Here are some photos from their engagement shoot.

We found this cute little card in the gift shop. I know selective colouring is so ten years ago but I like it for this one shot ok? okkk? =p

I was totally giddy to find these wild flowers =)

Okiedokes, I think it’s time for bed. It’s way late/early right now, the brids are going to start chirping soon!!