yunny + paul

If you know Yunny and Paul, I bet you’d say they were the nicest people you’ve ever met in your life and I would have to agree. My words can never express how wonderful I think they are. I just feel so thankful to have clients like these two and I loved and really enjoyed shooting for them. Here are some pics from their wedding day.

It’s so clear that he just adores her =)

What a cute little cake. Yunny seems to have a thing for balloons =) (I’m assuming it was Yunny’s idea here but I could be wrong hehe)

I love all the balloon shots here. These weren’t props but they were decorations at the lunch hall. I’m glad I pinched them for the location shoot =) This one right here of Paul and the boys are one of my fav. I remember feeling very happy when I shot it =)

Hope you’re all sleeping tight. Good night or more correctly, good morning =)

2nd shooters

Hello. I’m looking for 2nd shooters. If you’re interested please email me at with the subject “2nd shooting” and the following details:

Your name
Your location
Website/blog where your portfolio lives
List of equipment (Canon or Nikon only…preferably Canon)
Your experience in event/wedding photography
Why do you want to 2nd shoot?

Thank you in advance for your interest and have a great Monday!