priscilla + michael

Priscilla and Michael’s special day was filled with tears, smiles, laughter and a lot of love. They were married at St Anne’s Anglican Church and shared a relaxed lunch reception at Bel Parco with family and friends.

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Just one special hug from grandma and Priscilla teared up…how sweet =)

The couple chose succulents as wedding favours. What a wonderful idea! In fact, after this wedding, I went out and bought a LOT of succulents for my own planters =)

The blindfold game had everybody entertained!

natalie + david: engagement

This is a little bit different to my usual engagement sessions. While most of my couples opt for something sweet and romantic by the beach or in the grass, it wasn’t the kinda thing that Natalie and David felt was very “them”. With that in mind, I ditched the trees and the water for a casual urban shoot with a touch of sexiness and what could be more “them” than being photographed in their own bed and around their neighborhood? =)