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Hello! Wow, it’s been way too long since I last blogged! I’m still alive and well and shooting lots. There’s so much to share and they will all be coming slowly. I am using Instagram more than other social media these days though so if you’re on that, please follow me at @nattneephotography for more frequent updates.

Sharing with you guys today is this gorgeous and romantic engagement shoot at Summerlees with the fabulous Nayoung and Dawer. I LOVE shooting at Summerlees, it’s definitely one of my favourite venues in the Southern Highlands. We shot just after the summer started and I already thought it was so amazing, so can you imagine how much prettier this place would be in the peak of spring when there are even more blooms! I can’t wait to shoot here again so if you’re planning a wedding at Summerlees, please get in touch with me! Until then, enjoy these pretty pre-wedding photos =)



I’ve been wanting to share this beautiful shoot of Venecia & Edward for a while and I think it’s perfect for a day like today with the cool and cloudy weather we’re having. We shot this up in the Northern Beaches and it’s seriously just my cup of tea – soft light, lots of open space and a gorgeous couple in love. I’ve struggled every time that I’ve tried to blog this because there are too many favourites. Clearly I haven’t solved that problem at all hehe =) Looking forward to the wedding this month you guys!

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