3rd shooter & 1st wedding

I finally got to try out a wedding for the first time. Last Saturday, I was being a third shooter for the talented Jenny Sun. It was quite an experience and definitely a lot harder than I imagined it to be. We are talking early mornings, long hours, hard work, lots of folks (duh) and busy busyness!

Somebody asked if I wanted to give up after experiencing it for the first time. Give up? Never. It’s not easy but I do think it’s very enjoyable and is a rewarding career. All I can say is Jenny is very lucky to be able to do what she does for a living (and btw it isn’t luck, she is very talented!) and hopefully I can get there some day too…one can hope.

The wedding itself was a Chinese wedding for Julie and William. They are such great people and I feel so glad that my first time was with such a lovely couple. In fact it wasn’t just the couple but Jenny and Gordon (who was the second shooter) and the videographers from Moudanie Studios. It was great to be able to have a laugh with them all which really makes the day less stressful. (Yeah ok I’m the third shooter so not that much stress from my end hehe).

I had a pretty good time doing this but ok enough talk. Here are the photos:

The next few images were taken with Jenny’s 50mm f/1.2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this amazing lens. It really is creamy and buttery like everyone raves about. Yes, you guessed it. It ain’t cheap!

I should learn the technique of the sun flare thing some time. Jen is a master at this and her flares are always awesome!

So what do you reckon for a first wedding?

For the real pro wedding stuff, check out Jenny Sun’s website. Not sure when she’ll put up some pics of this wedding but having been involved with this, I cannot wait to see it!