a brand new look

Hello! I hope you like the new look of Nattnee Photography. I’ve been working on this new logo and blogsite for the past few months and finally it’s completed!! Hooray!! I know the site looks simple but being a perfectionist that I am, picking between slightly different shades of colours and aligning every little thing was soooo painful and time consuming but an absolute necessity! I know all you graphic designer friends will totally understand.

Special thanks to Jasmine for creative input on the logo. Thank you also to my dearest sister who has always been my go to person for anything in written form, and my friends, especially Melody, for your opinions and for enduring so many “is this one better than that one?”. Did it feel like you were doing an eyesight test? =)

I’ve really kicked my own butt these past few days to push it out before Christmas and I can’t believe it’s really done and dusted. I can resume my normal life now haha!

Please feel free to give me feedback, especially if you spot anything that might not look right on your browser.