My baby Baxter turned four this week! He got a huge veggie chew for his birthday which he loved so much he fell into a food coma after chomping on it all! We didn’t really have a celebration as I’ve been super busy (bad mum award please) but I was definitely not going to miss doing his annual photo shoot.

This year we went with a nautical theme and luckily Baxter has a friend whose dad was able to get us access to a marina (thank you!) so we could photograph on a boat. It was a hot, bright and windy day which made the shoot a little tough, not to mention the little model was not super cooperative today haha. The poor boy just got too hot and he was so exhausted by the end but I think it was all worth it! He was rewarded with a well deserved treat followed by a nice looooong nap at home!

Happy 4th birthday my cutie patootie Baxter!!!









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