angela + edwin: engagement

I wonder if Ed and Angela were thinking “what the?” when we started the engagement shoot. They chose a beach location and instead of sand and water, I was fascinated by a stack of milk crates. I love Ed and Angela’s coordinated outfits, which suited the location very well, and when my eyes saw the blue milk crates, my brain made an instant connection with the blue pattern on Angela’s dress. Don’t worry, I still got them in the water by the end of the shoot =) Oh and kudos to Ed for bringing the hat as a prop, I think it added a nice touch. Hang on…was it Angela’s idea? I don’t remember!

These two are so cute together. They seriously adore each other and that just makes my job so much easier.

Ed is very playful =)

This shoot is exactly my style of photography – simple, clean and fresh with an adorable couple =)

The sky was really pretty that evening.

Really really pretty…

Lastly, one of my many favs from this session.