angela & edwin: part 1

“Because your smile lights up my life” – it may seem like a simple line but it got me all choked up when I thought about it. People smile all the time, a happy automatic everyday kinda smile but I’m thinking that’s not what Ed was referring to when he wrote this little surprise message to Angela on their wedding day. I’m guessing it would be a special kind of smile that she could only give to him because he’s the only one that makes her feel that way. I’m guessing that when he sees THAT smile, he would beam and his heart would just feel all filled up to its full capacity. I’m guessing that’s the smile he was referring to…the smile that lights up his life. Imagine that, one smile, such a small movement could hold such big power.

You think I’m smoking something don’t you? I’m not. I know it sounds unusual of me but believe me, it’s not. I’m a romantic at heart and I think about stuff like this often, it’s just that I don’t always write it up. For one thing, I just don’t write that well and who wants to be potentially judged as being cheesy anyway? I guess I’m just in one of those “deep and meaningful” mood today so I’ll let that one slip and you can go ahead and call me cheesy if you like, you have my permission =)

Angela and Ed’s wedding was just wonderful. It was a heartfelt day wrapped up in love, smiles and happy tears. These two started the day with a tea ceremony, followed by a garden wedding ceremony and reception at the Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley. I was preparing the images and it was looking way too long so I’ve decided to split it up into two parts.

You could not find a prouder and more loving dad than Angela’s father.

Throughout the day, Ed would surprise Angela with a “Reason why I love you” notes =)

I love all the details Angela has put together for her wedding outfit – the shoes, the pearls, the gorgeous bouquet and the beautiful wedding dress. Everything just fit together perfectly.

A “Reason why I love you” delivered to Angela in the form of a beautiful origami rose – “Because your smile lights up my life”.

The vintage bridal car was just adorable (and so is Angela and her father of course!)

As Ed waited for Angela, the bestman does a quick check of the groom.

This was the sweetest moment from the ceremony – she cried and he wiped away her happy tears *sniff*

As the witnesses were busy signing the paper, Ed took the opportunity to give Angela another love note.


Part 2 to follow. Have a great weekend everyone.

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