anything will do

It’s been a while since I picked up the camera and my hands were really itching today. I just wanted to take photos of something…anything! Looking around the kitchen while I was making a cup of tea, I spotted some garlic. Well why not garlic?

After a couple of shots, I thought hey my macro lens has been lonely for quite some time now. Let’s get it out and give it some exercise.

I grabbed the macro and a jar of spice found in the pantry and went about setting up my shot. The jar of whatever spice (somebody tell me what it is please) was placed on a stool in front of a large window. I pulled the thin white curtain across to diffuse the sunlight a little. I kneeled, I squatted, ok this is not comfie so I pulled up a lower chair and placed it in front of the stool. Perfect, I can lean on the stool so I didn’t even need a tripod hehe.

Anyway, these ain’t earth shattering photos but I just wanted to shoot something ok? =)

p.s. The logo poll ain’t helping at all. Everybody likes totally different logos and the most annoying thing is may liked #1 which is my original logo!