Oh my poor little blog, how I’ve neglected you. I  can’t believe, it’s July already! Time is going a bit faster than I’d like it to…ok, a LOT. If only life came with a remote control with a big fat pause button, that would be swell. Anyway, here’s a little something I can blog quickly today, it’s the two baby shoots I did for my friends.

I was so pumped about having a go at baby shoots, I went out and bought a whole lot of props and equipments. Oh I was so ambitious and little did I know that nothing was going to work the way I thought it would. My friends, these baby shoots are harder than weddings! My lack of experience in the baby photography arena or being a mother certainly did not help.

First up is baby Imogen who lives across the road from me. Her mother, like me, did not possess the magic remote control with the big pause button and the gorgeous little bub could not be stopped from greeting the world three weeks early. This session was a struggle for many reasons. One, Imogen was three weeks old when I shot her and apparently you’re supposed to do newborn photos when they are less than ten days old. Two, I arrived at the wrong time of day and she was too alert. Three, we shot in the living room and while we did have the heater on, it was nowhere near as hot as it needed to be for a naked baby to be sleepy. Imogen cried most of the time during the shoot and each time she started to, she would turn bright tomato red and it was as if she was crying with every fiber of her little being. That is scary for a non mother being like myself, I thought she might explode.

I only got a handful of shots this time but don’t worry little Imogen, I only live across the road so we shall meet again =)

Her parents are from NZ, if you were wondering about the sheep mobile =)

After Imogen had enough of me, I packed up my car to go to the second session. This was the one time that I didn’t love my car so much ‘cos the beanbag (for posing the baby on) filled my entire Mini and I couldn’t see out at all, talk about a driving hazard!

Baby Kai is a beautiful little creation of my dear friends Tjo & Miyuki. I had better luck with this little one. He was nine days old at the time, I started the shoot when he was sleepy and the room was heated up like it was the middle of a hot summer day.

I cannot tell you how stoked I was when we managed to get baby Kai sleeping in the basket like this. I was over the moon…really…OVER THE MOON!

A couple of folks have asked “what’s with the lemons?”. The answer is, I just thought it was a nice visual element. The yellow is striking against the light teal/blue and the lemons and the basket are both kitchen items.

I know, I rarely do sepia but love this one with the sepia tone.

And for those that asked about the lemons, if you were also wondering about the origami, it’s ‘cos Kai is half Japanese so I thought that was a nice little idea =)

I hope the cute little bubs brought a little smile to your Monday. Until next time…with the regular weddings/engagements updates. Don’t worry, I haven’t switched over to baby photography…far from it haha =)

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