Queeny + RussellPaddington


My dear friend, Russell, is marrying his super duper lovely lady, Queeny, this Saturday and I am so honoured, excited and nervous to be shooting their wedding. Nervous because not only is Russell a good friend but he’s a talented photographer as well! Queeny  & Russell are awesome as individuals and as a couple. They’re two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they’re simply a big ball of goofy, happy, positive energy. These two are so well suited to each other, they’re such a great team always making each other laugh and as you can see, are so obviously in love =) I took Queeny & Russell to the streets of Paddington for an urban engagement shoot and my goal was to capture their personalities, not just make pretty pictures. I wanted to see them as I know them when I look back at the photos. It was great fun on the shoot but my stomach was in knots when it was time for me to deliver the images. It was like waiting for a test result. Relief came when they said they love the photos and I passed my test when they said “you REALLY captured us”. Happy days =) The test may be done but the final exam is tomorrow, haha. Nerves aside, I really can’t wait to see Queeny & Russell get married. I remember the days when he had just met Queeny and he’d tell me about her as we’re in the car going on shoots. Now that girl is going to be his wife and I am seriously over the moon for both of them. Thank you for the privilege you guys and I will see you tomorrow! =)


Anna + NickCentennial Park

As I was going through this set of Centennial Park engagement photos and picking out my favourites to blog, I couldn’t help but smile as the saying “If love is the treasure, laughter is key” popped into mind. Nick had recently gifted Anna with a new bicycle so that she could learn how to ride (how sweet of him!) and the couple asked to bring it along for the shoot which was such a perfect idea! It must have been more than six years ago since I’ve had a bicycle in the shoot so naturally it was a lot of fun for me too. I think it’s pretty clear from the photos that Anna & Nick had a great time on their shoot and they certainly have plenty of that magic ingredient to any great relationships – laughter =)