VENECIA + EDWARDSydney Polo Club, Hawkesbury

Where do I even start? There are just way too many amazing things about this rustic wedding at the Sydney Polo Club! Our gorgeous couple, Venecia & Ed, had a really lovely, casual and relaxed wedding on one beautiful sunny afternoon. With little formalities, the day was really just about two people in love, sharing their happiness with close family and friends =) Instead of a sit down dinner, the guests enjoyed many delicious goodies from food trucks. Wedding favours weren’t found on the table but inside a claw machine. What a fun way to do reception! The barn was decorated so beautifully too and the bride & groom’s table setup is actually my all time favourite. *Sigh* don’t you just love a country wedding?

We also got to shoot with a horse. That’s a first for me and admittedly, it was a little challenging. I mean, that horse would just not listen to my instructions. I told him “keep your head up, chin out and down” but all he wanted to do was eat grass haha. Luckily our animal loving bride is a little bit of a horse whisperer and we were able to get some gorgeous shots in the end =) Speaking of animals, their cutest little pup was quite a little star all on his own at the bride prep. You know me, I love dogs!

It really was such a great pleasure to be a part of this wedding. All the pretty stuff aside, I really enjoyed photographing Venecia & Ed because they’re such wonderful people and they’re best friends who truly love each other. That will always be more meaningful than everything else and that is what makes this all worthwhile =)

After several attempts and so many photos sadly left behind, I present to you the highlight from Venecia & Ed’s wedding day! Please enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Quick shout out to some lovely vendors:
Milani Joy – beautiful hair and makeup
The Bloom Room – hellooo gorgeous bridal bouquet and wedding florals
That Vintage Caravan –  the cutest little beverage caravan
Night Hawk Diner – best burger food truck everrrrr…delicious!
Percarus – wonderful wedding planner
Sydney Polo Club – awesome rustic barn wedding venue so close to Sydney

ANNA + TUANMilton Park, Southern Highlands


I’m sooo excited to be sharing Anna & Tuan’s colourful wedding in the Southern Highlands with you today. We’re talking fresh and vibrant orange colour theme, one very sweet bride, one charming groom, lots of love and a bunch of folks that really know how to have fun! These two long distance lovebirds tied the knot at the gorgeous Milton Park Country House on a lovely overcast day. They laughed, cried, made heartfelt promises, lip sync battled, rocked the dance floor and shared a kiss under sparklers before disappearing into the night. An awesome time was had by all, including this very happy photographer =)

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Venue: Milton Park Country House // Hair: United Culture // Makeup: Makeup by Jage // Flowers & Styling: Emily Cooper Floral Decorator // Music & DJ: White Clover