bye bye claudia: portrait

Photographs are one of the best ways of remembering the people that we love. Isn’t that why most of us have photos on our desks and walls? Just one glance can remind us of the good times we spent together, the personalities instilled in the frame, the laughter and the bond we shared. For this reason, photographs make a very memorable and meaningful going away present.

That’s what this shoot was all about. Claudia was leaving the country for a few years and as a farewell gift, her girlfriends asked me to do a portrait session of the five of them together. I’m also making an album out of this shoot so there is a concept behind some of the photos which will only make sense to me and the girls =) Let’s meet them shall we?

This is Claudia. I am seriously a big fan of fluffy grass things and I just love how her purple shirt compliments the soft purplish tips of the grass.

This is Elaine.

Here’s Lisa.


And Sririn.

My eyes are always wandering and looking for good spots wherever I go. It ain’t so good for when you’re driving but that’s how I found this spot. This wasn’t the planned part of the shoot but I just love these walls and thought getting the girls to warm up might be a good idea.

I personally love seeing people laughing in my photos. I feel people are at their best, happiest and most truly themselves when they’re genuinely laughing about something.

Check out this pink wall, I am just so in love with it. It’d be perfect if the window on the left wasn’t there at all but this gorgeous pink wall just goes so well with the colours that the girls were wearing. The whole colour palette of this photo makes me think of a sundae or a pink cupcake with sprinkles on top.

Ok here comes the part that you won’t really understand. I can’t explain why they were doing some of these things as I don’t want to ruin the surprise that’s in the album for Claudia =)

No, they’re not cheesy. It was a deliberate exaggeration.

This was quite a lenghty shoot so I suggested a wardrobe change. The black dresses give a more grown up and sophisticated look. The girls have known each other since they were in highschool so in a way, going from the colour tops with the fun shots to these next few photos with their black dresses on is a little reflective of how they have grown together – from being highschool girls to becoming women (mind you they all still look really young!)

Well a farewell photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without a little bubbly and what other location could be more perfect for this than at the beach?

For me, the beach is not always associated with a bright sunny day or a beautiful sunset. I quite like the mood presented here by the sunless beach near evening time. It gives the photo a light and comfortable feel making it less of a “goodbye my friend” and more of a “have fun on your new adventure and we’ll be seeing you soon”.

Claudia, Elaine, Lisa, Tina and Sririn: I have to thank you for your energy, props and wardrobe change (and the cupcakes you left in my car…delish!). It was a long day and I know you were all wasted by the end of it but I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them =)