c3 branding

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe we’re in March already! Somebody hit the pause button or better yet, the rewind please.

Apart from photography, I also do a wee bit of graphic design and recently I’ve been involved with the branding for my good friend Chris’s business – C3 Coaching College. The brief was to design a logo that is professional looking, modern and allude to “education” without being so obvious and traditional (like a logo of a pencil or a book). C3 stands for creativity, confidence and communication so the logo should also encapsulate these ideas (if possible!).
Here is the final design (two versions – colour and reverse out):
Like most of my designs, it’s simeple with clean lines (‘cos I don’t really know how to get messy in my designs haha). The idea behind this logo is the “tree of knowledge”. From a distance it also looks like a key – the key to unlocking your mind (this was an after thought but bonus!) and in a really far-fetched way it could also represent a kid with a brain explosion from learning and gaining so much knowledge (again, an after though but double bonus).
The logo relates to:
– creativity in the way the leaves are constructed out of the letters C and 3
– confidence in the strong upright structure of the tree
– communication…umm c for communication? =p
I think it’s also easily transferable and I can see a whole bunch of stationery and merchandise in my head already – business cards, banners, bags, mugs, note pads, t-shirts etc. (I hope I get a t-shirt if they make one!).
Overall, IMHO, I think I’ve answered the brief well. Hopefully my teachers at Shillington are proud. At least the clients are happy and that’s what matters!
I had a look at the quote I gave Chris earlier to see what was next on the list and I saw this “two logos and five revisions”. I had a big laugh ‘cos this was about the fifteenth design hehehe (you know it’s ‘cos I love you and Ken right?). Next is business cards and a new website.
Chris is opening a second branch in Auburn this weekend. I am so excited about this as they are putting up a billboard/banner with this logo on it and I’ve never had any work displayed like that before! I plan on posing proudly and cheesily with the banner when it goes up so check back for that hehe.
Off topic, I saw Slumdog Millionaire last nite. It’s not the kind of movie I would normally be interested in watching but since it got so much kudos at the Oscar, I got curious. I really enjoyed the film, loved it actually (except for the toilet scene which nearly made me throw up). Great story line, check it out if you haven’t seen it.