chasing pigeons

Hey everyone! I’m back from my trip and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. It was great to get away for a little bit, the scenery was amazing but I ain’t gonna lie, it wasn’t the easiest trip to do. All the high altitudes and climbing up things including Machu Picchu, methinks somebody needs to hit the gym haha. I was in a tour group and embarrassingly, all the older travellers were fitter than me!

So now that I’m back, I’ll be attending to all your emails and albums as soon as I can. Thank you in advance for your patience =)

Here are some B&W snaps from one arvo in Lima. I was sitting outside a church waiting for a tour to start, school was out and all the kids were having fun running around chasing pigeons. Hopefully I’ll have time to edit and share more images from my trip. I still have a backlog from years ago!

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