chris + anna: engagement

Rolling out of bed when it’s still dark is never an easy task. You see, I’m a night owl rather than an early bird and this e-session was scheduled for 6am! As I drove around the location, my bleary eyes widened when I saw mist rose out of the grass and a bunny hopped from the road into the bushes. No joke, a bunny! So that’s what a sleepy head like me have been missing out on.

The sun was barely out when I met up with Chris and Anna (but boy did it rise high in the sky very quickly). They greeted me with big warm smiles and it was no surprise that even though it was so early, they brought with them a lot of energy. I had such a great time with these two that the 6am was all worth it =) Oh and I’m liking the softer colours of this set too.

This happy couple are not just in love, they’re great friends and clearly share a lot of fun and laughs together.

I like this sweet one =)

I was a little shock when they agreed to stick their feet in the swamp for me…shocked, concerned but secretly happy hehe =p Thank you!

A funny one. They were going for a bit of attitude…but it wasn’t long before their brilliant smiles came through again =)

Thanks for getting me out and about early guys. See you soon at your wedding! =)