ed + dee: engagement

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and people were strolling around enjoying the last hours of their weekend. They walked by with dogs in tow, beach towels slung over their shoulders or lips glued to their ice creams. I stood on a street corner, pacing a little but never leaving the spot. I was feeling conscious as I had two cameras, each hanging off my shoulder. I must’ve looked odd and what an overkill my equipment must’ve seemed compared to the little DSLRs hanging on the necks of tourists. Eventually, Ed and Dee arrived which meant I had subjects and that meant I could comfortably look like a photographer and not a spy or paparazzi just hanging around.

I have met Ed and Dee individually before but this was the firs time I was meeting them together. Dee is a little shy and she wasn’t keen on an e-session at first and so it nearly didn’t happen, however, I really do believe in the importance of an e-session and was glad that I was able to convince her to give it a try.

These two have been together for many years and Ed often jokes that it was because he was too lazy to date someone else. He can say what he likes but what I saw through the lens tell me that it’s just a front =) Ed and Dee are seriously sooo cute together. He obviously adores her and is very affectionate with her and fortunately that made my job that much easier =)

Two things I’m totally jealous of – Dee’s dimples, I’m a big fan of dimples, and her long lean legs! They make you wanna get off your butt and hit the gym hey? No, I haven’t gone, and in a really long while. I keep saying I will “tomorrow” but tomorrow never wants to come. Does that make me a gunna not a doer? =p
Ed wanted to do a little proposal reenactment =)
This is one of my fav.
They really are very sweet together =)
I stumbled upon this GINORMOUS tree while I was looking for parking earlier in the day. I was blown away by how massive it was. It felt like they made a small park to fit around this ancient tree as opposed to making a park and planting trees in it if you know what I mean.
I had a scream again. This time it wasn’t cow dung like the farm wedding but I was fetching all our bags and saw a lizard crawling around with very closer proximity to my hand. I absolutely hate lizards with a passion!
This one makes me smile. Dee was whipping her horse, Ed. Oh! Mr. Ed! I just realised like now haha (you get it right?).
And then she gives him a reward =)

Ed is such a playful guy which is really great. He loves attacking Dee with kisses like so:
I had a great time on this shoot. I’m so glad they changed their mind and tried out the e-session. Thanks guys!