ed + dee: wedding (part 3)

Ed and Dee’s reception was held in the Garden Suite at Oatlands House. The night was filled with lots of dancing, including traditional Laotian dance. I’m not sure what it’s called but it looks kinda like what we call “rumwong” in Thai. It looks like so much fun and if we weren’t on duty, we’d probably join in =p

The bestman has the expression of “what am I doing?” but he did very well with the dancing =)

This cake is so very Ed and Dee. It immediately reminded me of one of the photos from their engagement session where Dee was pretending to whip Ed =)

I love love love seeing emotions at a wedding and best of all a teary bride =)

Dee looks super sweet in this one.

More dancing fun!

We really had a great time at Ed and Dee’s wedding and you know what, photos are so much better with a pretty song so check out the slideshow here. Thank you Dee for pointing me out to this song, I love love it =)