felicia + derek: in the mood for love

Here’s something different to my usual clean, fresh and happy stuff but please read on before you go thinking that I’ve gone and changed my style!

Felicia and Derek’s wedding is the one that I am most looking forward to attend this year. Why? Because I’m going as a guest! It’s going to be wonderful to just sit back and relax and watch my friends say their vows without a camera glued to my face and oh hello canapes, how I will enjoy munching on them as opposed to photographing them as the waiters walk on by. I got my priorities straight don’t I =p This engagement session is a gift I’m giving Felicia and Derek and this really is the best of both worlds for me. I get to enjoy the wedding and still give them something personal from me, a set of nice photographs they can keep forever.

Felicia had a very specific idea for this engagement shoot. She loves cheongsams (traditional Chinese dresses) and loves the look of the  movie In the Mood for Love (click the link for the trailer). I got my hands on a copy and skimmed it to see what the look and feel of the film is like and oh boy, the scenes are mostly dark and the protagonists look depressed most of the time. This is so FAR and AWAY from my style. I immediately told Felicia I wasn’t sure  how this would turn out as it was a little out of my comfort zone but she encouraged me to try anyway. I’m glad she pushed me to do this ‘cos it was a lot of fun and while the look is probably a lot cleaner than the film, I’m really happy with the results =)

We started the shoot with some happy-ish shots first, just ‘cos I think there should be *some* not so sad looking photos for an “engagement session” hehe.

Then it was time for Felicia to throw on her cheongsam for In the Mood for Love part of the shoot. The direction and post processing for these images is obviously specific to this set of photos only. This does not signal a change in my style or anything like that ok =)

A huge THANK YOU to SaigonSaigon restaurant for being so kind and letting us shoot inside.

So there you go, something a little different. Hope you enjoyed that and if you did, please do join Nattnee Photography on Facebook for the latest updates and sneak peeks =)