from the pros

Picked up Capture magazine today (wedding special issue) and as I was reading “best & worst business decisions” from the top photographers, some stuff struck a chord with me.

Marcus Bell: Believing in myself was the catalyst for helping make my business a success. It gave me confidence to be the photographer and business person that I wanted to be. I believe that the decision to be more confident underlies everything.

Graham Monro: Don’t try to formulate what the client wants, but rather always stick to the style you shoot.

Rocco Ancora: As you grow, understand that establishing a style is not a destination, but a journey. Understand what sorts of imges you want to create and be very open-minded.

The article also mentioned “shoot and burn” photographers. They are the ones that shoot a lot of weddings just to make a bit of cash and just give RAW files out to clients. I didn’t eve know people do that. Give RAW files and straight out of the camera shots to clients???

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