goong + oun: pre-wedding (part 1)

I’ve known Goong since we were eight. We went to school together for a couple of years and then life, or my parents I should say, put me on a different path. I moved to a different primary school and eventually to a different country…g’day Australia! There are so many people that have come and gone in my life, most I’ve spent more time with than Goong, but somehow we two kids are still friends to this day – a fact we both amuse ourselves pondering about from time to time.

So what do you do when your oldest friend in the world is getting married and you can’t go to the wedding? You fly your ass over and shoot her pre-wedding instead! =) I loved that I was involved in this way and these photos that she can treasure is a better gift than anything I could imagine giving her.

For the shoot, we headed to Ratchaburi, a province in central Thailand. This place is like the Baskin -Robbins of resorts, only with more than 31 flavours (actually I think B&R had more than 31 flavours donkey years ago right?). We’re talking about a hundred or so of different themed resorts including Flinstones, farm life, camping with tepees, Swiss valley and more.  The place that Goong chose for her pre-wedding photos was a pretty Tuscany inspired resort called La Toscana. Check out the photos.

View from my window.

Check back later for part 2 of this pre-wedding.

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