I wish I knew what I wanted to do sooner, then maybe I would’ve studied photography back at uni. I’m a pure digital photographer, I know nothing about old school photography and that’s the stuff that I think can be quite fascinating. Well perhaps I would’ve learnt something about pinhole photography back in high school had I not made my science partner do all the work on our pinhole photography project hehe. During xmas last year, I was in Thailand and saw so many stores selling Holga cameras and after seeing them over and over again, I wanted one. I’m easily enticed like that. Advertisements work great on me, you know, if I see an ad of an ice cream, I’ll want ice cream. So after a few days of walking by stores with shelves of Holgas in so many pretty colours, I could no longer resist. At roughly $70, what the heck, I might as well just get it out of my system. Voila, here is my sexy red and white Holga =)

Most of the stores were selling the glass lens version which supposedly makes the images sharper but I wanted the original plastic lens Holga. This was a concept that my hubbie was totally lost on. “So umm, you want the crappiest one available?”, he said =)

Having been to Thailand so many times, I wasn’t going to take any photos at all but the Holga made it quite fun. It’s light, placticky and colourful, I have little control over it and I have no idea what’s gonna come out. Those things made me care less and that’s why it was fun. My first 3 rolls were developed yesterday and here are some pics that turned out decent. Think I’ll be carrying the Holga around more often now =)

I wonder how easy/hard it would be to set up a dark room at home. $10 to develop a roll of 12 shots is going to get expensive real fast!