image retouching

Yes I’m still processing the last wedding. I’m processing an entire wedding instead of the usual fav 30 odd images so it is taking a bit longer than my normal speedy posting.

Thought I’d show a before and after post processing images. I’m not sure how far people go in terms of retouching but I really can’t stand distracting bits and pieces in the image. Not talking about the usual touch ups of baggy eyes here but I have done things like removing distracting spotlights from the ceiling (obviously they weren’t on) and even a whole pram from the background of a shot. It is time consuming but I can’t help it as I prefer clean images the way I like it.
I saw the kids playing by the fence and so I ran up to them to get a quick snap. I asked the kids to move along the fence a little bit as they were standing in front of distracting background. I didn’t pose them but I love how the little boy just refused to stand with the girls =)
Because this was done pretty quickly, I didn’t notice the barb wire running across one of the girl’s face. It really didn’t look right at all but I didn’t want to throw this image away so along with the normal processing to make it a bright and happy snap, I had the annoying barb wire removed. Here is the RAW shot:
I know the wire does add to the framing of the subjects and I do like it but I guess I’m weighing it up against having it cutting across her face which doens’t feel so pleasant. What do you think? Prefer the wire gone or not?