it just wasn't me

So lately I’ve been experimenting with post processing a lot. There were two completely different styles that I was attracted to (story of my life). One is a really fresh, vibrant, clean and crisp. The other is more glamourous with lots of dodging and burning, vignetting, glowing whites etc. 

Since I couldn’t decide what I really wanted, I thought why can’t I offer both? Or mesh them together somehow. So I tried the meshing and the result turned out like the images this post. Then I went further down the glowy, dodging and burning track and ended up with images in the last post.
Right after I finished the last post, I realised that it wasn’t me. All that heavy post processing and dark looking images. It’s not the photography that I love.
What do I love? I love what I actually started with a long time ago. The colourful, bright, cheery and happy photos. Someone once looked at my website (which is getting revamped at the moment) and commented that “your photos are too happy”…well I want that back!
So I’m going back to making images the way I used to. The images that made me fall in love with photographing people in the first place. The kind that makes your heart happy =)
I’m glad I finally worked out the style dilemma. Big yey to another self discovery as a photographer =)
Oh as for this cute little blondie, more of her photos are coming up soon.