jasmine star workshop

I still remember how blown away I was when I discovered Jasmine Star. This was at the very beginning of my career when I had just switched over from an office job to wedding photography and was blog stalking many wedding photographers. Her work inspired me greatly and whenever I felt unsure about my decision to switch career or felt like I wanted to give up, I would go and look at the stunning images on her blog and I was reassured that this is definitely what I wanted to do, what I wanted to become good at. I was blown away then and I was blown away now, after meeting her and attending her workshop.

Jasmine is so real. What I mean is, she shares a lot about herself and her life on the blog and I feel like I know her but then she is just somebody I read about, so what is she really like, you know? Well, I can tell you that she is very real and honest. She’s down to earth and funny and just so…real. (And for some reason, something about her reminds me of Reese Witherspoon a little??)

This was my first workshop ever and I really enjoyed it. I was so captivated that I kept nodding like an idiot sitting there in front row! The workshop left me with a lot of food for thoughts in regards to the branding and marketing aspect of the business. As for the shooting, I was very impressed with how J* directed the models. I didn’t shoot all that much and preferred to watch her at work. She really knew what she was doing and boy does she look fab doing it too!!

JD, her wing man and the love of her life, was also there helping out on the day. JD is seriously one of the nicest guy I’ve ever met and it was such a pleasure to meet and chat with him. Oh and I was stoked when he said they ate at Ichiban!! Ha! Out of all places in Sydney, they went to my fav little noodle shop =p

Before I share some pics from the day, I would like to give a big shout out to the people that made this wonderful workshop happen. So big big thanks to:
Jasmine Star + JD – For bringing your fabulousness down under.
Cathy Crawley – For hosting this workshop.
Lacy & Evan Shelton and Kristie Jane – Our beautiful models.
Daisy Chain Florist – For the pretty bouquets.
Catherine Colubriale – For the gorgeous wedding gowns.
Elle Vierboom – For the awesome hair and makeup.
and the lovely lady behind the bar =)

The fabulous Jasmine Star showing us how it’s done!

And lastly…the dorky little me with Jasmine and JD.

I hope someday I will meet the two of you again. For now…I’m happy as a clam. Thank you =)