jen + van

Hello hello *sniffles* *sniffles*. Oh dearie me, I get sick once a year and that time has come. Anybody else popping cold & flu tablets out there? Let me put away the Vicks lollies for a sec and share with you some new photos. The lovely Van and Jen (or Chinh – the bride goes by many names!) were married at St Francis Xavier and they later celebrated at Crystal Palace. It was a beautiful sunny day and the bride and groom were just so relaxed and easy going the whole way through their long day. We had a great time hanging out with Jen and Van and here are some images from their day:

Bride walking down at 10:10 am…give or take a few seconds hehe.

Love the horse in the background =)

While waiting for the bridal party to arrive at the location, I saw this little restaurant and was attracted by the yummy decor. The restaurant was closed at the time but I saw someone walking around in the kitchen so I rang the restaurant number. Nobody answered so I decided to knock on the glass door. I got the cook’s attention and beckoned him to come the door and talk to me. I asked if we could take some photos inside and he was very reluctant, saying he needed to check with his boss (who wasn’t there at the time) and he didn’t wanna get in trouble.  He didn’t out right say no though and he didn’t just close the door on me either so I pleaded saying  “pleaassseeee, it’s just for a minute?”. He finally agreed and c’mon, seriously, who can resist my charms? (ok quick, grab a bucket). We enter the restaurant in style via the kitchen hehehe and took a few quick shots. I was nervous the whole time and as I was taking the last shot, I glanced out the window and saw a lady standing there staring at us. Her arms were crossed and steam may have been coming out of her ears. The three of us left in a hurry, back through the kitchen, past the boss lady (who was in shock and wearing a not-happy-jan face) and all the while saying “thank you thank you thank you soooo much” to her. Once we were outside, I looked back in and saw her giving the cook an earful. To the cook: I’m so sorry and I hope I didn’t get you in big trouble!

Right after this shot was when I saw the fuming boss lady…eeek!

This is one of the most photographed spots in the Rocks! What I love about this photo are the the residents in the window =) Aren’t they funny? BTW I don’t think Van and Jen had a clue these guys were guest starring in the shot hehe.

I was so amused with these two wresting it out on the dance floor.

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