If you’ve been here before, I’m sure you would’ve noticed the adorable girl with curly blonde hair and incredible blue eyes sitting right on top of the page. She has been watching over this blog since it went live and I think she deserves a little post of her own =)

Jessica is as cute as a button and toally a delightful little girl. Jess has so much energy and during the hours I spent with her, she would walk and walk and walk. The only time she stopped was when she was having a sandwich break. I really got a work out that day from following her around!
This was taken quite a while ago now and Jessica was one of the first portrait sessions that I’ve done. It was at the beginning of my transition from photographing landscapes, flowers and things to capturing people. I remember browsing through the images on the LCD of my camera while driving home. I felt a different kind of contentment from doing photography. The pictures meant something more because it wasn’t just a pretty flower or a nice building. It was the smile and the spirit of a child. The pictures of somebody’s daughter.
P.S. Driving while checking your LCD is just like driving while on the mobile phone. Not good.