Hello world! I know it’s been a while but I’m indeed back from my long leave and have some new photos to share. This pre-wedding was shot back in May in a beautiful autumn setting. It was absolutely freeeeeezing that day (I literally had to warm up with a jog before the shoot) so props to Kim & Kitty (especially Kitty with no jacket or sleeves!) for toughing it out in the harsh weather. As far and freezing as it was, the trip to Mount Wilson was totally worth it, I mean, check out the gorgeous autumn colours!!!

kk01 kk02 kk03 kk04 kk05 kk06 kk07 kk08 kk09 kk10 kk11 kk12 kk13 kk14 kk15 kk17

kk16 kk18 kk19 kk20 kk21

Hair & Makeup by Amy Chan


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