lara croft shoots wedding

Shooting with two camera bodies can be a little bit of a pain in the butt. Slinging one over each shoulder sometimes results in a collision and as I stand and squat and move around, one would occasionally slide off.

Frankly, I wish I didn’t have to hold anything. If the cameras would just float in the air around me at the ready that would be just peachy but unless I’m related to Magneto from the X-Men, that ain’t gonna happen now is it (I checked ok, lifted the palm of my hand and concetrated real hard…nothing moved).

The other thing I thought of was a holster…yeah like for guns but it would be for cameras.

Exhibit A: Lara Croft
See, hands free, they just strap on to your body. However, this would require shorts (really short shorts) and shapely thighs.

Exhibit B: John McClane
Great idea, just gotta lose the dirty clothes and lower the holster a bit, wouldn’t wanna be tucking a camera under your armpit now do you?

So anyway, I’ve always wished they made holster for cameras and lo and behold, they do! My friend just pointed me to the Black Rapid website. Check out this double strap:

It’s exactly what I’ve always wished they’d make but now that it’s available I don’t know if I’d be game enough to wear that to a wedding. I remember one of the videographers had a big black vest on for strapping the video camera to himself and I thought he looked like he was with the bomb squad.

Honestly, it looks ok on a dude but on a chick? If you find any photos of this on a female photographer, do let me know! BTW Gizmodo appropriately called this double strap a “John Woo’s take on wedding photography” haha.

I hope the guy in the photo never finds this post ‘cos I’m about to say that it reminded me of this:

Very innovative but for now, I’ll just stick to my slidey shoulders until I see it in action =)