linda + john

This is probably my most favourite wedding so far this year. Linda and John tied the knot at Gledswood Homestead & Winery and before I go on any further, I gotta tell you that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this venue. It’s rustic and naturey and there are cows nearby! Now that’s my kinda location =) The day itself was overcast making everything nice and soft in colour and that just really complimented the romantic style and details that Linda has put together for this wedding.

I knew from shooting their engagement session that Linda and John have a great chemistry and they really love each other and I just had a feeling that their wedding day was going to be so happy and wonderful. However, it wasn’t until the speeches time at reception that I realised what a truly special celebration this was. I came to realise how true and strong their love really is and I remember feeling so touched hearing about the love and support their parents and siblings had for them. There was no shortage of tears and I was so happy to be there capturing these moments.

The reception was held at Roma Function Centre and it was an eventful and fun night for everyone. Okies, here are some photos from their big day:

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