Hello hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter long weekend with your loved ones. My parents were here visiting for the past month or so and during one of our family dinners, my dad mentioned the lack of updates on the blog so here I am with a new post! Thanks Dad, good looking out =)

When I think about Easter, the first thing I think of is hot x buns. Not gonna lie, delicious goodies is pretty high priority for me =p The other thing I think of is pretty pastel colours – think easter eggs, bunnies, tulips and all that sorta stuff that one would imagine on a typical Easter marketing material. So I thought it would be appropriate to blog Linda & Khoa’s wedding today because one of the things I love about this set is indeed the pretty pastel colours. I love the location we shot in (glad I spent all that time scouting!) and Linda, being the stylish bride that she was, did an amazing job sourcing so many beautiful little details for her wedding. I am curious to see which images Linda & Khoa will choose for their wedding album ‘cos it was really hard for me to choose myself!

Linda & Khoa were married at Christ the King Catholic Church and celebrated with a wedding reception at Villa Capri. Here’s a very small collection of the photos from their day:

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lk06 lk07 lk08 lk09 lk10 lk11 lk12 lk13 lk14 lk15 lk16 lk17 lk18 lk19 lk20 lk21 lk22 lk23 lk24 lk25 lk26 lk27

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lk32 lk34 lk35 lk36 lk37 lk38 lk39 lk40 lk41 lk42 lk43 lk44 lk45 lk46

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lk52 lk53 lk54 lk55 lk56 lk57 lk58 lk59 lk60 lk61 lk62 lk63 lk64 lk65 lk66 lk67

Flowers by Chiho Koboyashi Flowers // Hair and makeup by Amy Chan
Wedding dress by Angelica Bridal // Headpiece and reception dress byJenny Packham
Bridal sandals by La Paire //  Bridesmaids dresses by Sami & Sita
Wedding cake by Cake Avenue // Refreshment and dessert table by Styled by Linda


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Bye peeps! I am off to have yet another mocha hot x buns…thank goodness it’s not really an all year round kinda thing!