logo - the verdict

Last week I put up a few logo designs and asked family, friends and even strangers to tell me which they thought was the best logo. Everyone liked totally different designs! There was no clear winner apart from maybe the original which I still don’t like. I was getting so much headache and thought it was best to not play around with it for a bit.

Today, I picked up where I left off and finally found the winner! It’s not even on that last batch but it’s something I’m happy with. I only asked for a couple of opinions this time and that’s probably a good thing. So here it is:

It’s not the most unique, flashiest, greatest, whatever-est but I’m happy with it and happy to move on with life argh! Next bit is business cards and revamping the site and blog.

Thanks to Sylvia for pointing out the little details. Now don’t you dare tell me you still like the original! You can think it but you can’t say it hehe =p