mary + craig = parker

Q: Who does this little cutie belong to? A: Mary & Craig – the very first wedding clients of Nattnee Photography!!

Yup, when I was just starting out in this business, Mary & Craig took a chance on me and gave me the honour of capturing their wedding day. Who would’ve guessed how truly eventful that wedding day was going to be, as that was the very night this wonderful little boy named Parker was conceived! =)

Parker is an adorable and happy little boy who’ll give you plenty of smiles and loves to play with water. We hung out one afternoon at Freshwater Beach for this casual shoot (P.S. I’m a bit of a late blogger. Obviously this wasn’t shot during winter time and certainly not during this horrid rainy weather!)

These B&W images are my fav.

I think he was all pruney by this stage so it was time to get some clothes on!

This is my absolute favourite from the set and so I’m putting it here again (in square format…fun!) and I don’t care if you get bored looking at it again ‘cos I don’t hehehe =)

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