mary + craig: farm wedding in mudgee

Mary and Craig’s wedding at Willow Glen was one of the nicest and most unique I have been to. It was an intimate, warm and heartfelt ceremony among family and friends. 

Willow Glen has completely changed from when we last visited for Mary and Craig’s engagement shoot. The grey winter feel was gone and in its place was green grass, some with red tips, and trees. 
We stayed overnight in a lovely accommodation in Bathurst and when morning came,  Mary started her day with a trip to the local hairdresser.
After the curlers were taken out, Mary looked like this.
You should’ve seen Eric’s face. It was written with shock and confusion. He was probably thinking “What the? I’m a guy and I know that is bad hair!” He was even more puzzled when the hairdresser pinned what looked like a bird nest into Mary’s hair. It was for her neat looking bun of course. (Ok, not “of course” ‘cos I didn’t know either)
In the years that I’ve known Mary, I have never seen her with make up on. Now look at this gorgeous and elegant girl!
The wedding theme wass green.
Mary’s simple and elegant Jo Durkin dress.
I really like this cool print hanging in one of the guest rooms.
Portrait of a lady.
At the farm, there were signs everywhere leading guests to the wedding.
Craig and the boys were hiding on a hill doing boy things i.e. having a beer. It looked like an invites only party but hey I’m the girl with a camera and camera equals all access right? =)
The ceremony was held on the hill over looking this beautiful view.
Tears were welling up in Craig’s eyes as he watched the love of his life walk towards him.
I had picked out a couple of spots for their location shoot but the best spot was the one that I had only discovered right then and there. It was a hill that looked nothing out of the ordinary and I didn’t care much for it at all the day before. But at that time, the sun was getting lower and it lit up the grass turning that hill into a field of gold. It was perfect. 
Mary’s vintage parasol combined with the golden grass conjured up an image of the Out of Africa poster. It’s weird all the random stuff that’s tucked away in my mind. I’ve never seen that movie nor do I have any interest in it but I must’ve flicked past in on the shelf at the DVD store before and all I remember was a vague picture of two people sitting in an open field.
This is my single most favourite image from this wedding.
Another one of my fav from location shoot.
I had an accident at this next location.
I got Mary and Craig to sit on a log. Click, click, click. My finger got busy and my face was planted to the camera. I took a couple of steps closer to Craig, not watching where I was going, and felt my left foot sank. It sank in something squishy. Cow dung…*SCREAM* (literally!)  It was massive. Fresh and massive and thank goodness I wore my hightop Converse that day. It was horrible but I wiped my shoe on the grass and kept going. Lucky I wasn’t trying to lie down to get a low angle or anything =p
The shed was creatively transformed into the reception area.
Bonfire by the shed.
I wish I had blogged this a lot sooner when everything was fresh in my goldfish memory. I know I had a lot to say but perhaps it’s all for the best because this post is already way too long! (OMG, I just had a geek moment. I was thinking my memory is like RAM)
Congratulations Mary & Craig on their wonderful wedding day =)
Here’s the slideshow (better with sound).
Big, huge, extra large thank you to Eric for being my chauffeur, caddy and second shooter. I couldn’t have done it without your support. It’s awesome to have discovered a hidden talent in you and gosh you’re a gem, you only charged me a car wash =)