mary + daniel

It was a beautiful sunny day when Mary and Daniel tied the knot at the Balmoral Beach Rotunda. The emotions that overcame this lovely couple took me by surprise (good surprise) that day. You see, the day started off with a traditional tea ceremony which means that the bride and groom had already seen each other and spent quite a bit of time together in the morning. I thought that come the time to say “I do”, they would feel a lot less of all that anticipation, butterflies and emotions that’s usually involved around seeing each other for the first time. Boy, was I wrong. He cried. She cried. They cried some more. Oh and Daniel! I see him as this big-happy-fun loving-cool dude who’s always making jokes so I did not expect the very touching sweet words, accompanied by tears and shaky voice, that were said to Mary as he gave his vows to her. My head was filled with just one sound….awwwww. It’s always such a wonderful feeling to see a couple so in love with each other =)

Greeted by little doggie. Yup, I’m totally a dog person now =)

The door game requires the groom to prove he is worthy of the bride. Check out Daniel doing push ups on concrete on his knuckles!! Impressive.

I found it quite challenging to find a place that I wanted to hang the wedding dress but when it accidentally fell off the hanger….voila!!! I love happy accidents =)

Pine forest and weeping willows will never get old with me…NEVER.

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