matt + charissa: engagement

In love. Sweet. Romantic. I could try and find many other words but they would probably not be enough to convey how Matt and Charissa are together. Alright, that’s actually just an excuse for my poor writing skills and lack of fancy words. I talk like a 5 yr old sometimes and if you want to know how I actually described them on the day of the e-session, my very words were “you guys have unlimited canoodliness”. Nice huh? Lucky they didn’t hire me to write speeches =)

Seriously though, these two are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. They are so full of love and I just know their wedding day is going to be very special.

It was a really beautiful morning for an e-session and quite a change for me as I normally schedule all mine in the afternoon. Charissa was sick the day before and was coming out of hospital that very morning. It was nothing too serious but I suggested we reschedule so she could rest. She was such a trooper and still wanted to go ahead with the shoot and on top of that managed to look very fabulous =)

I really like the kayaks in this shot and feel they add a little something to the otherwise trees and water that could’ve been anywhere. I was smiling behind the camera as I saw it enter the right of the frame and waited til they were in the right spot.

Doesn’t Charissa have such a gorgeous smile? =)

Playing with texture.

Reading is one of the ways they spend quality time together.

Matt really adores Charissa and I have all the proofs right here =)

This one is my favourite photo from this e-session.

I swear she’s got such a gorgeous smile! Love the red dress too.

I was eyeing this outrigger that was sitting on the beach. The owner asked if I was interested in outriggers. I thought oh yes I sure am…but for the photos, not to row in one =p

An antique-ish look.

Matt & Charissa, you guys made my job so easy. Two weeks to go! Can’t wait for more canoodliness from you two =)