max + annette

A couple of weeks ago I was second shooting for Jenny at a twelve hours long wedding. It was a really easy going day and twelve hours didn’t feel all that long at all, especially when the bridal party is great fun to hang out with.
We arrived at the bride’s house and when the door opened a familiar face was among those that were standing in the door way. It was a guy I went to uni with that I hadn’t seen since we graduated. I seem to always be bumping into people I know and I always get the same surprised reaction coupled with “so this is what you do now?” haha. My friend has a little girl now (she’s very adorable and he is just so sweet with her) and gosh that makes me feel so old!
Max, the groom, arrived shortly after us and the traditional Chinese wedding door game began. Max is the funniest guy, seriously, I remember thinking if he had a drink before he came but soon realised he’s just a big ball of fun and laughter =)
The bridesmaid won’t let Max through the door until he’s met with their demands. They got him eating spoons of condiments, including chilli sauce!
Annette was hiding inside the house, listening and giggling to whatever Max was being subjected to.
Once Max gave out some red pockets, the bridesmaids let him through to join Annette for tea ceremony.
This is my friend and his daughter. She is sooo adorable. Here she’s supposed to be giving tea to Uncle Max and Auntie Annette but I guess she was shy and didn’t want to participate so she just covered her eyes intead…so cute!
Some more of the little cutie.
Out of her red dress and into her white gown.
The ceremony was held at St Peter’s Anglican Church in Cremorne followed by location shoot at the beach.
The girls strolled down the beach and the boys erm followed in style (and it was their own idea!)
I told you Max is really funny but when teamed up with his best man, well they’re just such a hilarious duo. It’s Bond…James Bond.
This one reminded me of a wedding cake topper.
Max is really into photography and we accidentally diverted his attention from Annette for a bit, talking about camera gear and all. He did get back on track after a while =)
Reception was held at L’aqua, Cockel Bay Wharf. The food was delish btw =)
All the dads were on baby sitting duty hehe.
The speeches were some of the funniest I’ve heard at a wedding. Max was of course throwing jokes everywhere but when the moment came for those heart felt words, he couldn’t help but choke up a little, shed some tears and even made his mother cry =)
I really had a great time at this wedding. Congrats to Max and Annette and big thanks to Jenny for taking me along.
P.S. The rubber grip on the pen of my tablet disintegrated after processing this set hehe. It lasted two years (I don’t use a mouse at all) and I’ve now ordered a new one otherwise I won’t survive!