nathaniel + sally-ann

Before I get to the details of this wedding I must say I’m feeling a little bit stupid about the last post but you know, that kind of emotions only come with something you’re really passionate about. I’m thinking I should make it a policy to come home after a wedding and sleep it off before looking at any of the photos!

Nathaniel & Sally-Ann’s wedding last Saturday is the third that I have shot. I was the second shooter for Jenny Sun and this time she put me in charge of the groom prep and group shots.

Jenny asked me to do the groom prep the day before while we were having lunch. This was unexpected and when she asked me to do it (and do it alone) I was nervous and part of me wanted to say no but heck I can’t be scared all the time so I accepted the challenge anyway.

The ceremony was in the city and finding parking there is a real pain in the butt. Eric, the best hubbie in the universe, was worried for me and so he drove me to the groom’s house, slept in the car while I did my thing and then dropped me off at the ceremony. I’m so grateful and to tell you the truth, it’s nothing to do with the driving or parking but it’s the emotional support. I just felt better having him with me while I mentally prepare myself.

Nat and groomsmen only just got up and were taking turn showering. The house was very dark as it was a winter morning so I opened up all the curtains in the living room to try and get more light in. I asked the guys to come and finish dressing in the living room once they have put their shirts and pants on (and I hope I didn’t sound bossy!) and while I waited I took some shots of the rings.

The ceremony was held in the hall of Sydney Grammar School. After my previous experiences in dark churches, I was glad to see a well lit hall for a change. There was an upstairs where I could photograph the procession from the top. I always feel a little privileged as nobody else is allowed there but me hehe.

Like most ceremonies, there were speeches and singing. Everyone sang with such joy, especially the bride. Sally-Ann just looked so passionate. She would hold on to Nat’s arm and while singing she would look up at him or rest her head on his shoulder with an expression that showed how deeply she loves him. At one stage, her eyes got teary and as I was standing in front of her, clicking away, I wished she didn’t hold those tears in.

All the singing must’ve taken a lot out of Nat. Looks like he’s checking if he’s still got a pulse =)

After the ceremony was over. We did some family formals outside the hall and then headed to Hyde Park and the Rocks for location photos.

The reception was a cocktail held at Sydney Park Pavillion in Alexandria. Looking at the photos now, I totally regret not trying one of those gorgeous looking cupcakes. Check out the Cupcake Gallery (novelty cakes by Jo) for truly amazing cupcake decorations – a must see!

That was quite a few photos in one post. I really should look into doing one of those slideshow things. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and please let me know if you have any comments or critiques.