nelisa & lowell

Time to catch up on a bit blogging! It was yet another one of Sydney’s wettest days when Nelisa and Lowell tied the knot at the Church of Mary Immaculate in Waverly. Let’s backtrack a teeny tiny bit. Back in the days when I had a desk job, way before I became a wedding photographer, I used to work at the same place at these two crazy kids. I remember walking past our office kitchen and seeing Nelisa and Lowell sitting side by side having lunch. They weren’t doing anything particularly suspicious (after all it was the office kitchen!!) but there was something that made me feel that perhaps love may be in the air. I’m sure I teased Lowell about that at the time and being Lowell, he made silly jokes and denied everything. Now look where they are today…MARRIED!! They have also embarked on a new adventure together in another country. I’m just so happy for them and feel extremely privileged to have been a part of their wedding . Despite the gloomy weather that day, the couple was in high spirit and it was indeed a very very happy occasion =)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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