new blog-ish

Good morning people! I’ve just moved the blog over to WordPress (was on Blogger before). The change should be transparent to you all i.e. if you’ve always visited this blog via, then nothing would’ve changed for you =)

If you are using feed, please make sure it’s pointed to:

This move was long overdue and now I have some standard features that should really exist on every blog. I used to receive complaints that my blog takes forever to load e.g. if you clicked on Weddings then every post filed under that would try to load on the same page and that is a LOT of data! That problem is now gone as I now have “Older Entries” and “Newer Entries” for navigation! I know, it’s like discovering bread for the first time.

I now have the Search function. Not sure if that’s really useful to anybody but hey it’s there now =)

I’ve stayed up all nite coding this in a hurry (‘cos Blogger broke my blog and wouldn’t show more than 2 posts in any category/page) so it hasn’t really been tested on anything other than Firefox. If you’re browsing around and find anything that doesn’t look quite right, could you pretty please report it. I would very very much appreciate that. So far, I know the search box looks a little funny in Safari.

I’m totally knackered but you know I think secretly I did enjoy that lil bit of coding…or hacking rather. No no, I dont’ miss my old life as an IT person…eeww =p

Off for a little shut eye.