peter's 40th birthday

A few months back I got a missed call on my phone. I googled the unidentified number, not expecting anything to turn up, but it did appear on a web page relating to the Rabbitohs. I was chatting to my friend at the time and joked how funny it was that out of all people, the rugby team mistakenly dialled my number. After all, I’m not a sports photographer and I’m one of those non sporty chicks without a single sporty bone in my body (unless you count my on and off attempts at the gym) so what could I possibly have to do with a rugby team?

“Maybe they want to talk to you?”, my friend pointed out. Unlikely, I thought, but of course I couldn’t just assume that it was a wrong number. I returned the call and to my surprise I had been referred to cover Peter Holmes a Court’s 4oth birthday party!

Kids, the moral of this story is – if the Rabbitohs office call you, you call them back. They don’t make mistakes =)

BTW Don’t forget to check out more photos in the slideshow at the end of the post.

. . . . . . . . . .

Peter’s birthday was held at his farm a couple of hours out of Sydney. It was a relaxing event for the adults and a fun affair for the kids. We had a great time running around the place capturing all the activities that were going on through out the day.

We arrived at the farm a little ahead of schedule and had the pleasure of touring around the property with the lovely little miss Maddie.

I’m a fan of daybeds =)

Love these funky chickens.

The guests soon arrived and mingled on the lawn with drinks and nibblies.

The kids enjoyed themsleves with ball games, petting zoo, a jumping castle and quad bikes.

The highlight of the day was the quadbike. How? Keep looking.

Peter jumped in to save the bike! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It all happened so fast!

Now that was something you don’t usually see at a birthday party! Once all the quadbike excitement was over, everyone took it easy with lunch and hanging out by the fire.

An open fire nearby.

Of course, it isn’t a b’day without the cake, so go on, click it and enjoy the slideshow =)

Thank you to Peter and his family for having us along to capture all the great memories of this celebration of an important milestone.