ray + siv: engagement

Like many wedding/portrait photographers out there, I started my career by practicing on friends. Ray & Siv were the second couple that I did an engagement-like session for. Two years later, they’re getting married and we had a real engagement shoot =)

Ray & Siv met at their dragon boat racing club so I knew straight away that their e-session has to involve some kind of rowing. This was a rather difficult shoot. Why? Because this silly goose shot on a boat instead of on land. Yup. Ray & Siv were in a boat and Eric and I were in another one. Trying to get the shots involved directing Ray & Siv as well as yelling at Eric to get our boat in certain position. It was not easy I tells you. At least Ray & Siv like the photos so I say it was worth the effort!

One of my fav from the boat shots. It made the cover of their guestbook.

Another favourite.

Splashing in the water. She got him good with that one!

These two are still every bit in love as much as they were when I first photographed them. Happy ever after guys =)