ray + siv

Lovebirds – the perfect word to describe Ray and Siv. They are loving, affectionate and sugar dripping sweet =)

This wasn’t an e-session as they are not engaged yet but my crystal ball tells me that in time this will surely happen. Siv told Ray to treat this as a pre engagement session. He smiled to this. No objection whatsoever =)

I had imagined a beach shoot with lovely warm sunny setting. Then I remembered to look out the window. It was another cloudy day and there was no sun in sight. It started to rain. Great. There goes my beach shoot. My sister suggested an indoor shoot at a cafe. But but but…I had my heart set on the beach! Moments before they arrived to pick me up. The rain stopped *phew*. No sun but the light was great and I still wanted the beach. Not fazed by the weather, Ray and Siv agreed to go to Coogee.

In the car, the three of us talked about the photo session and Siv requested some shots of Ray’s muscly arms (which seems to have grown since the last time I saw him) and I jokingly suggested shots of Ray wearing unbuttoned shirt and bearing his chest. She got very excited about this and he didn’t really protest. I thought this was awesome as they were up for anything!

I hadn’t been to Coogee for a while and was pleasantly surprised at what a good spot it is. We started at the cliff top walk. I pointed to the weedy grass area and marked our first location.

Now how about you guys roll around in the grass a bit?

This romantic vintage photo above is one of my favourite from this set. BTW it was windy and freezing cold even though you can’t tell from the above shots. I had a jumper and I really felt it so imagine how much she put up with!
Here’s another one of my fav. Spotted these pretty white flowers growing in clumps. Looks great with Siv =)

Time to get off the grass. I moved Siv and Ray towards the edge of the cliff for a change of scenery.

I just couldn’t resist some more of Ray and Siv in the grass.

Now we were absolutely done with the grass stuff. Here are some more pics around Coogee Beach area.

Ray and Siv, I had an awesome time with both of you. You said you’d be happy with a nice photo or two well I think I managed a few more than that (there are loads more unprocessed!). Too bad the weather was way cold and we couldn’t do any water shots or bare chest ones for that matter! You got plenty of time to work on those pecs now =p