seng + yi: hunter valley engagement

*SMILES* I was brimming with smiles while editing this engagement session. I love seeing smiles and laughter in my photographs and I got plenty of that from Seng and Yi. As I was browsing through the photos, I felt like I was watching the two of them having fun together right in front of me. It made me happy and I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

We did this shoot in the Hunter Valley and oh boy could I shoot there for days on end! If only it was closer to home, I’d be there all the time. There were a couple of spots that I was eyeing but didn’t get to shoot at ‘cos we ran out of light so hopefully I’ll get to do those one day.

Seng proposed to Yi at the Hunter Valley on a hot air balloon and even considered having their wedding there (unfortunately Hunter Valley lost out to Vanuatu) and so we thought it would be a great idea to do their e-session here.

We started out doing simple stuff just to get comfie in front of the camera.

Don’t you just love this door? There were a few guests standing around doing group shots somewhere nearby, they saw us shooting at the door and must have thought it was a great idea ‘cos they eventually took over the spot hehe.

This next two is probably not so typical of my post processing but I thought it really suited this little bookstore. Check out that big old typewriter =)

Hello gorgeous dress!

I just love that Yi laughs a lot =)

But we did manage one serious shot.

I must’ve gone into the store to check out the frou frou umbrella/parasol a gazillion times but could never find a reason to get one until our Hunter Valley shoot. I didn’t know which colour to get or whether it would really go with anything and so I was extremely pleased to see that Yi’s beautiful dress happened to match the cream frou frou perfectly!

Personally, I’ve never gone to the Hunter Valley at the right time and previous visits have shown me nothing but leafless vines or shriveled up grapes. As we drove to meet Seng & Yi, I observed the vines and was disappointed that there were only young little leaves and not the lush kind I had in mind. Luckily, Seng managed to find some wild growing vines and my goodness they were just so green, so abundant and oh so beautiful =)

It was staring to get dark which added a nice mood. They’re pretty adorable together aren’t they.

More laughs which I totally love =)

This has to be my favourite photograph from the session. I just love how happy they both look and how animated the photo is.

It was getting really dark by this stage but no way were we leaving without getting some shots of the cute couple with their awesome Mini Cooper (which happens to be my dream car hehe…no, not biased or anything).

Seng & Yi, thank you for spending the afternoon in Hunter Valley with me. I had such an amazing and fun time with you both. These photos really made me smile and I hope they do the same for you. Have a wonderful wedding in Vanuatu and I’ll see you at your Sydney wedding in October!

Another fav before I go =)