seng + yi: wedding

After a wonderful wedding in Vanuatu, Seng & Yi came home for a small celebration at Centennial Park with their families. We had a great time doing location photos around the park (thank you weather for not pouring) and a world record fast tea ceremony! Their day ended with a Chinese banquet at Kam Fook restaurant in Chatswood.

Some pics from the day…(might be a bit long, I always have trouble picking photos!)

These images with the weeping willows are some of my fav from this shoot. We were lucky to get a breeze as that helps give the branches a little bit of movement.

These next two are my favs…and can’t decide whether I like the B&W or colour more.

Somewhere here Seng was telling Yi to “relax man”. I can’t help but crack up every time I hear him use “man” with her hehe.

Esmond captured this one. I love it…especially Yi’s trademark laugh =)

Esmond’s shot from the other side of the bridge.

Bubbles and tea.

I’ve been to Kam Fook before but never noticed these chandeliers before…guess I was always looking at the food =p

Click here to check out the slideshow.

Big congratulations to Seng and Yi. I know you guys will be smiling and laughing together forever…man =)