simply irresistible

I am super lazy when it comes to photos of my personal life. Even photos of Baxter, the most precious being in my universe, are done mostly on Instagram nowadays. Today, however, I simply had to get my real camera out ‘cos Baxter was simply irresistible.

My poor scraggly boy was long overdue for a haircut and today I took him to Wagging Tails. I have read so many good reviews about this place and have wanted to take Baxter since he was a pup but I could never get onto their client list. They were so booked up with current clients that they couldn’t take on anyone else. So I gave up that idea and had been trying so many places over the past 2 years. Then one fateful day at Cafe Bones, I bumped into a lady with two Westies of her own. We got talking and what do you know? She’s a friend of the elusive groomer and just like that, I got on the client list woohoo =)

Sure enough, I was NOT diappointed. It’s one of the best haircuts he’s ever had and gosh he smells so good and his hair was sooo soft. After rolling around in bed together, I got him to do some work posing for the big camera. I believe he’s thinking “Really? I’ve had a long day at the groomer and you’re forcing me to work?”


waggingtails01 waggingtails02

I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can make him “work” outside in the sunshine and greenery. Have a great week everyone. Stay dry!