south america - part 1

I know images from my previous trips have never made it to this blog before. This is because after a trip, I would upload all the files to the computer and they end up just sitting there for years. Seriously, for years! This time I’m forcing myself to edit some images from South America before they end up like the rest that I still haven’t got time to go through.

One morning in Cusco, I bumped into another photographer. His work was so moody and creative and he was doing it all on the point and shoot. I was feeling embarrassed carrying around my big camera and not producing the kind of travel images he was doing. We chatted a bit and once he found out that I’m a wedding photographer, he sympathetically said “oh it’s because you shoot weddings…it’s all perfection and prettiness” like it was the impediment to my travel photography. I guess there is some truth to that, I do struggle with too many people cluttering everything everywhere. Sometimes I wish I could evacuate cities just to take the pics that I want. Anyway, now that I think about his travel pics, I realise I’ll never produce that because I’m not about moodiness and contrasty light. I will always always always love clean images with pretty colours =)

Some pics from Peru:

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Have a great weekend!